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I smoked my first cigarette when I was very young. Decided to quit, I dropped out thanks to the patches. And I stayed clean for 15 years. And then relapse, a first cigarette and a month  after I had my pack of cigarettes in my pocket again. Then, by chance, I discovered my first e-cigarette while going to get a package in a parcel relay store.

It was the start of a somewhat incomprehensible passion. I familiarized myself with the vape, I found what suited me as material thanks to a nice community. Little by little, I learned the technical details and I was always looking for girly boxes because most were black or metal at the time. Beyond the colors, I have always looked for a box, a setup, which is mine like no other. So I had beautiful setups, and that's how I was nicknamed Diva Vap'

I wanted, like many passionate vapers, to make a living from my passion, hence the creation of my site. I was lucky on this path to meet a lot of friends including an engraver who has become a qualified craftsman and an outstanding artist:
Laser Custom World

Diva Vap' celebrated its two years of existence and I am always looking for beauty, but no longer just for my setups. My goal is to help vapers find on the site quality vape accessories and mods in order to compose their own unique setup.


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