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Joyeuse Saint Valentin - Happy Valentine's day

Joyeuse Saint valentin - happy valentine's day

Why wait for Christmas to have fun?

At Diva Vap', we have chosen a character to accompany us all towards Christmas...

Mr. Jack... is not a very traditional Christmas character. But it's part of pop culture and he's funny and moving.


King of pumpkins, he gets tired of Halloween and discovers the world of Christmas. Of course he can't compete with Santa and the gifts he gives to children are...special!!!
So at Diva Vap' we like him for his good will and his quirky side.

So how will this Christmas preparation go on Diva Vap'?
We have adopted an Advent calendar rhythm. From December 1st until December 24th, every day, a character from Nightmare before Christmas and a special operation: discount, special offer, package or gift... and more surprises!

Each day info will be posted on Diva Vap' home page and on:
Facebook group
Facebook page

 So follow us on social networks and hope you'll find the gift you like.

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